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White Boxer Coffee


White Boxer Coffee is a family owned, small batch coffee roasting company located at 2120 N. Broadway St. 

The owners, Kristine & Tallen Wald, are pictured above receiving the check for their Small Business Incentive Grant from Heather Bregel, EDA staff.

Link to Business website

You can also find them on Instagram:   

and Facebook:

Why did you choose to open your business in New Ulm?

We live here with our three small kids and know New Ulm is supportive of new businesses.

How has the New Ulm EDA/ helped you with your business startup?

Supportive resources.

Tell us something exciting about your business.

We are a small batch coffee roasting company that our three children are involved with running.  We deliver locally each week to your door for free, we ship around the country, and we continue to have more coffee shops adding our coffee to their offering.

What advice do you have for anyone else thinking of starting a business in New Ulm?

Take the chance and do it!  It is not easy but it is so fun!

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