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Business:  RUSH

Address: 126 N. Minnesota St

(507) 766-5320

Owner:  Aron Bode

Business Website:    (for more information, to order online, or to make reservations)



RUSH is open Wednesday-Saturday 2pm-10pm.

Why did you choose to open your business in New Ulm?

I am born and raised here and I want to see New Ulm continue to grow and progress.

How has the New Ulm EDA/ helped you with your business startup?

The grant helps to make opening a business in New Ulm less difficult.

Tell us something exciting about your business.

We are New Ulm’s first rooftop patio restaurant!

Have you cooperated/contracted with any other local businesses or people during your startup?  

Most contractors used on the project were locally owned businesses.

What advice do you have for anyone else thinking of starting a business in New Ulm?

Do your research, find programs and a bank(s) that can help you to start.  Start small and work into it.  🙂


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