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Minne Cabana – A New Downtown Boutique!

Minne Cabana
508 1st North St
Business Owner
Crystal Braun
Business Website
Why did you choose to open your business in New Ulm?
I feel like it’s a flourishing community and when I had the opportunity to open a manageable space as a new entrepreneur, I went for it. It’s nice to have more options for our local and visiting shoppers who love boutiques with a curated wardrobe versus an overstimulated big box store. If I don’t have what you need, a boutique around the corner might, or vise versa. 🙂
How has the New Ulm EDA/ helped you with your business startup?
Heather was a great help. It is a huge investment to start a retail business, so I’m thankful for the grants and guidance through the process.
Tell us something exciting about your business
There’s a lot of excitement in the community to have another trend forward boutique downtown. The word is traveling fast and far. I’m getting more and more shoppers driving to New Ulm or taking a detour to shop here.
Have you cooperated/contracted with any other local businesses or people during your startup? 
No, but I love connecting with local entrepreneurs/business owners and sending customers their way! Most of my business is done with other entrepreneurs/small business owners throughout the U.S. The retail world is ever evolving, so I am, too.
What advice do you have for anyone else thinking of starting a business in New Ulm?
If your a budding entrepreneur, visit with the city leaders and network both near and far. For every one person who doubts your business idea, listen to two others who encourage you to go for it. I’m only three months in and people are asking if I have other stores, or if I’m looking to open another location. That’s a huge compliment to my small business and says a lot of about the customer base in our community. There’s a lot of tourism in New Ulm, so it’s a great place to start a business to get your name out there.

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