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Insurance Leaders Agency opens new office in New Ulm

Business:                    Insurance Leaders Agency

Business Address:  108 N. Minnesota St (Richardson Place)

Business Contact:   Bryan Eastep  (507) 359-1400

Business Website:

Why did you choose to open your business in New Ulm?

With our existing location in Hutchinson, it fit very well in proximity and also overlaps the area for customers that we already insure.

How has the New Ulm EDA/ helped you with your business startup?

As a new business to the area, I was encouraged that the New Ulm EDA wanted us to grow and succeed in New Ulm.  The EDA Business Consultant met with me and reviewed my business plan.

Tell us something exciting about your business.

We really like being an Independent Agency as it gives us many carrier options for our customers.  During these inflationary times, it always feels good to be able to save money for our clients

Have you cooperated/contracted with any other local businesses or people during your startup?

We participated in the New Ulm Home Show.  This was a great opportunity for us to meet people and other businesses that are in the New Ulm community.

What advice do you have for anyone else thinking of starting a business in New Ulm?

New Ulm is a great place to raise a family.  I believe it will be a growth opportunity for our business and the community is growing as well.



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