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Capone’s Barbershop enjoys boosting confidence with stylish cuts

Business:  Capone’s Barbershop

Owner:      Rodney Vega Jr.    (320) 894-0352

Address:   212 N. Minnesota St

Business Website




Why did you choose to open your business in New Ulm?

I learned it is a growing city & economy and that New Ulm needed a Barbershop.

How has the New Ulm EDA/ helped you with your business startup?

The New Ulm EDA has helped me with everything from building a business plan to funding and finding a location for my business.

Tell us something exciting about your business.

Something exciting about my business is that I get to meet new people all the time and get to experience and know different characters while styling their hair and boosting confidence!

What advice do you have for anyone else thinking of starting a business in New Ulm?

My advice would be to do it.  New Ulm is a very supportive and welcoming city full of nice people.  It is the best place to live in Minnesota as posted on Google, and New Ulm is a growing city and who would not want their business to grow alongside a good and beautiful city like New Ulm?


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